We are

Nyamurinda Coffee Growers

Our coffee beans are characterized by great
flavors resulting from favorable soil of
the south-western region of Rwanda.

Inspired by two Rwandan sisters

It was until after the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi and after losing their entire family that the two sisters Francine Nyiramana and Immaculée Mukamana decided to return to their family’s owned land known as Nyamurinda hill to start coffee plantation. Despite all the scars caused by the atrocities, the two ladies gained courage to establish a plantation of coffee in southern province of Rwanda, at Nyamurinda mountain. Eventually the coffee farming inspired what is currently Nyamurinda Coffee Growers Ltd.


Today, through its Karora Washing Station, the company processes speciality coffee from its own plantation and from smallholder coffee farmers organized in Karora Cooperative in Western Rwanda. Nyamurinda coffee is then roasted, sold locally and exported internationally.

From Victim to Victory!


Outstanding Coffee

The coffee processed by Nyamurinda coffee growers grow in the  near proximity of Nyungwe natural forest, in the continuity of mountains that forms Nile-Congo Watershed, the continental divide separates the drainage basins of the Nile and Congo rivers. This ecosystem surrounding Karora farmers’ coffee plantations induce the coffee we process to keep its uniqueness in taste. Our beans are   characterized by great flavors resulting from favorable soil of the south-western region of Rwanda. Our location is mountainous with high-altitude varying from 1800m – 2000m asl. The soil is deep sandy loam and well-draining which makes it suitable for growing high quality coffee.

Empowering Women

Women, are household agents of change

We are driven by our passion to uplift family’s welfare through women and coffee. We strongly believe that when a woman is economically empowered, the entire family prospers.

Some of our coffees are crisp and juicy, others delicate and structured, others are complex.

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