About Nyamurinda Coffee

Sisters make you happier, and so does coffee. We are two sisters on a mission to bring to you one of the tastiest coffees from Rwanda. We survived the 1994 genocide against Tutsi in Rwanda, rose from victims to victory. The tragic history we went through motivated us to create something that is more people uniting and therefore, we thought of coffee.

Our coffee brand – Nyamurinda coffee derives its name from the original name of the mountain where our parent’s land was located. we currently grow our own coffee on the same mountain and process it together with that of our fellow smallholder farmers organized in Karora coffee cooperative. After the coffee is processed, it is then roasted in small batches to maintain its unique quality attributes.

Energize your day with a cup of Nyamurinda coffee


Useful properties of our coffee

  • 100% Arabica Red Bourbon
  • Sweet with nice flavors (Honey, Floral, Chocolate, Vanilla and Complex fruits)