Respecting Human Rights

This theme is important because it allows the smooth running of the business and makes the workers more comfortable in the company they are working for hence helping in the raising of the profitability of the business . it fits with the business and this may be because our company works more in improving the women.and this will help them improve their living standards.

CSR Goals

  • To be able to offer the same salary to both women and men workers of the company especially those in the same position will help them to promote their living standards. Planned realization: Feb 2021
  • To be able to help our women workers to improve their living standards and also help them financially stabilize their lives. Planned realization: Feb 2023

Overall company's plan on promoting human rights and taking on the supply chain responsibility

By tackling the human rights theme the company plans to keep on maintaining equal rights between people within the coffee supply chain for a sustainable coffee business run. Therefore, the company intends to go for Utz certification to abide to International Labor Organisation code as well as the national law in regards to workers rights. Utz certification will not only allow us to trade a sustainable produced coffee but to enforce also our commitment along the coffee value chain.

Supply Chain Responsibility

The supply chain being one of the trusted partnerships in businesses in charge of ensuring the good quality of the products and the availability and affordability of the customers is vital to the company because it helps the business estimate the number of people to produce for hence avoiding resource wastage in company.

  • Selecting skilled personnel to be apart of the partnership in order to have wise judgement on our products and avoiding mistakes. Planned realization: Feb 2021
  • Identifying more reliable chains of supply in order to avoid over spending on expensive and poor quality raw materials.
    Planned realization: Feb 2022

Women's inclusion in the coffee business

Our company focuses on improving the lives of women. which is why approximately 86% of our workers are women. the salaries will help the women to improve their living standards.

Maintaining a clean work place

We strive at keeping the company’s premises clean in order to have a suitable working environment and also maintain a healthy environment for the workers.