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Nyamurinda Coffee Growers Ltd is a women-led business that operates in the coffee sector. It is growing and processing coffee for export purpose and it is owned by two sisters Immaculee Mukamana and Francine Nyiramana.

The company’s activities are located in the Southern province of Rwanda, Nyamagabe District, precisely in KIBIRIZI sector, a mountainous and high-altitude region of 1800m - 2000m that is known to be having the best speciality coffee compared to other regions of the country because of its volcanic soil that is very suitable for coffee. Both farm and Nyamurinda coffee washing station are situated on Nyamurinda hill, where the name took its origin.

NCG LTD owners have with no doubt the intention of empowering themselves as women but also to empower economically women in their community, and that’s why Nyamurinda Coffee Growers, workers and coffee suppliers are about 90% women. Since its first year of coffee processing till now, Nyamurinda mountain coffee has been scoring 85-90% and above.

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